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The vertebral column is commonly called by the people as the spine or backbone, and it is basically part of the axial skeleton of the human beings. The spine is basically consists of twenty small bones that are stacked in a vertical manner, which connects with the other structures of the human body, and that include the muscles and the nerves. The primary functions of the spine include supporting the life functions of the body organs; enabling the thought, locomotion and sensory perception; facilitating the body movement, as well as its flexibility; protecting the other structures of the body that can be easily injured, like the internal organs and the brain; and supporting the weight of the body.


The spine is definitely recognized as the part of the human body that is most susceptible to various injuries, which is why the people are advised to protect their spine from the underlying circumstances that may cause spinal injuries. There are a lot of various diseases and disorders of the spine, and that include the spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spina bifida, coccydnia, kyphosis, lordosis, kyphoscoliosis, scoliosis, and spinal cord injury. The surgery is further discussed in the video at


In this modern day and age, the medical world is using the advanced technologies in providing treatment to the people who are suffering from various diseases. The latest medical and surgical procedure in this modern era is called as the minimally invasive procedures, which is also called as minimally invasive surgeries. Since in the traditional surgeries, the surgical procedures are invasive and it requires incision that tends to leave large size of wounds that are very painful to the patient and tends to take a long duration of time to heal. One of the types of minimally invasive procedure is called as the MISS or the minimally invasive spine surgery, and that basically targets the conditions within the spine. The MISS is through the use of small incisions, which is opposing to the five to six inches of incision in the traditional open-spine surgery.


The MISS is basically utilizing the advanced imaging techniques, modern technology, and special medical equipment that is used to reduce exposure to radiation, long hospital stays, recovery by minimizing the incision's size, bleeding, and tissue trauma. Some of the common conditions of the spine that are using the MISS for their primary treatment are tumors, infections, deformity, instability, degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, and fractures. The people who wants to learn more about MISS can find the various information and details about such modern technique through the use of the internet, or through the word of mouth of the doctors who specializes in treating the various conditions of the spine. See this video at